Is it an Opportunity or an Obstacle?

Today is a beautiful day of opportunity!

The words in the sentence below have been sitting on an open Word Document on my laptop for days. I’ve not closed it because I would look at it each day and repeat the words aloud.

“Today is a beautiful day of opportunity. I am exactly where I need to be. I open myself to the universe and trust in the unfolding of my life.”

Then today, while I was on a group call, my coach said to another participant, “Some people call them obstacles. I like to think of them as opportunities!” As she made that statement, I could hear myself repeating the words above and adding her words to my daily mantra.

If you read my blog post Grieving the Loss, you know that it was a short time ago, 16-weeks to be exact, since I lost a significant relationship in my life. At first, I couldn’t see anything but the grief that loss had brought to my life. Slowly, as I allowed myself to work through the process, I realized that it was a beautiful day despite the loss. Each day, I could decide; will this be an ugly day or a beautiful day? I knew I was exactly where I needed to be and that if I opened myself up to the universe and trusted, my life would unfold beautifully, and I would be okay.

So, I started to view the loss as an opportunity for something different, better, or more in my life. The hopes, dreams, and expectations had been lost, but only for that one relationship…

…not for my life or the other dreams and plans I have.

Opportunities abound if we just look beyond what’s in front of us. Here’s a shortlist of things you can do to reach for different, better, or more

View the obstacles as a detour – as we all know, nothing stays the same. Is the situation temporary or permanent? What did you learn from the detour? How can you use the situation to your advantage?

Hope is hope, not a plan – you can hope for something all you want, but if it’s not in your plan or someone else’s, then you’ll have to create a new plan. What do you want? What dreams do you have?

Focus on what you can do and what you have, not on what isn’t – gratitude is a big one here. So what do you have to be grateful for currently?

Events and life’s situations may not always be in our control, but we can control our attitude
Look for what’s under the emotions and see if you can’t change your thought patterns.

Sometimes we think the world is falling apart around us when faced with an obstacle or a challenge. However, take a moment to think about it. Is what’s happening, happening to you or for you?
I’d love to hear what mantra you use to help you out of a tough day?

As always,
Love Vonie

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