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My journey to becoming a life coach – for as long as I can remember, I had wanted a horse and much to my surprise (I am no longer surprised at what the Universe provides for us) in November 2004, I became a horse owner for the first time. At the time I purchased my first horse, Royal, the only thing I knew about them is that I loved horses. I also had no experience or knowledge in their care and feeding. 

As I learned and grew in my horsemanship skills, Royal and I became a TEAM! Riding him, caring for him, and learning about myself through him created an entirely new world for me. Little did I know that this new world was just the beginning of what was brewing for my future as a life coach.

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"Your playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine."

- Marianne Williamson

My passion – A friend’s view

In her forties, Vonie not only completed two B.S. Degrees from Portland State University – one in Physical Activity & Exercise and the other in Community Health. At the age of 45, she realized a lifelong dream; met and acquired her first horse, Royal.

True to her nature, Vonie fully embraced her new life as a horsewoman, trusting her new equine partner to help her learn as she went. In her words, she and Royal “survived each other” and in the process, developed a deep and trusting bond. They rode at the beach, in the mountains, in parades, and fairs; they tried their hooves at cow sorting and penning, played with barrels and poles, and even a drill team. Later on, they also took lessons together – perhaps that should have come first!

Whatever they tried, Royal took care of Vonie – teaching, supporting, and holding space for her as she made her way in the world. He introduced her to the deep and soulful connection that horses invite us all into, healing her and standing by her through life’s challenges. As Royal grew older, Vonie was chosen by a sweet young gelding named Cody, and he ultimately took over as Vonie’s partner when Royal moved on from his physical body.


  • Equine Gestalt Coaching Method - 2016 Certified in the EGCMethod® – A two-year training program that educates the student in the application of Gestalt Theory and the addition of an equine-partner to the coaching practice. The two in combination create a unique opportunity for clients to find healing and wholeness through the coaching process.
  • New Vibe Training - 2018
  • Foundations for Coach Leadership: A 20-Hour ICF Approved Coach Specific Training, a requisite to New Vibe Training’s Certified Professional Coach Training Course. Certified Professional Coach: A 125-hour training to become a Certified Professional Coach Training course, approved for 125-Hours by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Women’s Esteem & Empowerment: A 10-Hour ICF Approved Coach Specific Training.
  • B.S. in Physical Activity & Exercise - Portland State University - 2008
  • B.S. in Community Health - Portland State University - 2008
  • Horses for Heroes - New Mexico, Inc.™ - 2018 Certificate in PTSD and Trauma Among Military and Non-Military
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program - Level 1 - 2016 I certified in this coach training program which integrates nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. "Wheel of Life – Plant, Animals, Human, and Soil."
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