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8 Benefits of Group Coaching
December 23, 2022
Unlike any other time in history, the world we live in today offers many opportunities for learning, growth, and development. We can watch videos, listen to podcasts, attend workshops and lectures on zoom, read books from great teachers, such as...
Cut the Rope & Choose Your Own Adventure
August 25, 2022
Writing about the eight pillars of self-care these past few weeks has been a fun experience. It not only helped me see where there were holes in my own self-care routine but researching each one also gave me even more...
12 Tips to Boost Intellectual Self-Care
August 18, 2022
We are near the end of August, and it feels like summer has just started here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet, the kids will be heading back to school soon, and summer will be nearing the end. Honestly, I’m not...
9 Self-Care Tips to Nurture Your Spirit
August 11, 2022
In 2016 I had my first reading with a numerologist. Every year I would sit with her at the annual Touched by a Horse summit to get my reading, and each time, I was reminded that I needed to dive...
8 Tips to Practice Financial Self-Care
August 4, 2022
When I was about seven years old, I remember walking into a local bank with my mom, piggy bank in hand, ready to open my first savings account. I felt a lot of pride knowing that I now had my...
Emotional Self-Care: What is it and Tips to Create More of It
July 28, 2022
Over the last four weeks, I’ve written about four of the eight different types of self-care, and I believe that emotional self-care is by far the most important one. Here’s why—because when we can manage our emotions—we can do a...
Environmental Self-Care — Living Clean & Clutter Free
July 21, 2022
From the time I was a little kid well into adulthood, I’ve felt out of sorts when my personal environment wasn’t up to a certain standard of clean and organized. I know I’m not alone. Studies have shown that our...
Personal Self-Care - Listen to Your Intuition
July 14, 2022
If you’ve read my last two blog posts, you’re aware of the two different types of self-care that I’ve written about so far. The first is social self-care and some barriers that can get in the way of our self-care...
So, What Is Good Physical Self-Care
July 7, 2022
Last week, I wrote about barriers that keep people from a good self-care routine and how humans are social beings who need to integrate social self-care into their lives for greater physical and mental well-being. This week, I'm writing about...
Barriers to Self-Care and Social Self-Care
June 30, 2022
If you’re an avid reader of my posts, you know I write something each week, so that you, my readers can hopefully find some nuggets of wisdom, learn some new skills, confront fears, create better health and wellness for yourself,...
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