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Coaching With A Horse

There is so much a 1200 lb. horse can teach you. In the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, you’ll wade through the past, find your place in the now, and discover the potential for your future. You’ll explore limiting beliefs, build confidence, learn to trust yourself, reframe the negatives, and turn them into positives. Being in touch with yourself through the eyes of a horse is nothing short of amazing as you walk away feeling empowered.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching sessions are another great way to have the support you seek when looking for a coach. Helping you in your journey towards healing and finding happiness is discovering who you are and what you want. Either before an equine-assisted coaching session, in between them, or afterward together, we can continue the journey. Note – No horse sessions are required with virtual coaching.

Workshops & Programs

Looking for group support, I have developed a series of group workshops and programs focused on moving you forward. You’ll meet other like-minded women, make new friends, and find the love and support these workshops have to offer. Be sure to check them out here.

Women’s Group Coaching

This Meetup is for women who are looking to create a new beginning for themselves. It is an opportunity to join with other women to seek clarity, self-discovery, receive emotional support, and to find healing on many levels. The only thing you need to bring is YOU and your willingness – to be honest and open with yourself and others.

The group meets in an arena. You will meet my horse Cody, other horses, and myself. There is a meeting room at the barn as well; the indoor space is utilized for specific topics.

Important Notes –
  • There is no horse experience required, as you will not be riding a horse.
  • If you are fearful of horses, you can remain on the other side of fencing and still participate.
  • This meeting is a sacred space. It is meant to be a safe place where you can share and be heard, knowing that what you say is not open for others to discuss.
  • Bring water, a snack, and a journal if you wish.
  • Wear layers, as we will be in a covered outdoor arena.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required – no matter what the weather.
  • Show up and hear what the horses have to say and be open to the experience.

Private women’s groups are also available upon request. Contact me at for more information.


Whichever coaching option fits you best, know that together we will design a course of action that works and supports you in your achievements. Curious about Coaching? Visit the FAQ page to read answer your questions.

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