One Size Fits None

NOT Your Typical Weight Loss Program

Do You Want More Energy? To Stop Dieting? To Break Old Patterns?

One Size Fits None empowers you to:

1. Step off the scale
2. Break free from dieting
3. Build a healthier relationship with yourself

One Size Fits None is NOT Your Typical Weight Loss Program

It teaches you to make lifestyle changes that lead to losing weight, feeling better, having more energy, and having more energy long term.

When you feel like shit mentally and physically, it’s impossible to change unhealthy habits into healthy ones! If you’re ready to undo guilt, shame, hiding, and self-sabotage, this is the program for you.

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Next Session Starts, on May 8th. Private enrollment ONLY — discount does not apply to corporate enrollments.

Program Price is $1400
Register by April 14th and only pay $697
Monthly Payment Options Available
Weight loss is NOT a ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Different bodies, past experiences, and lifestyles require different habits to become healthy. Your weight is NOT a willpower problem (even if your doctor said so)! It’s time to release the shame and guilt you feel about your health. Together we an find healthy habits that help you feel excited about life again.

Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Life?

Next Session Starts May 8th, 2023

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Fad diets and extreme exercise programs are dangerous.Plus, in most cases, the weight comes back. The key to healthy living is discovering habits that you can stick to permanently.

Book a session today, and start your journey to healing your heart and loving your life!

Welcome To One Size Fits None

A weight loss program, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
  • No tasteless food
  • No macho bro “you can do it, fat girl or guy” cheerleading
  • No classes treating you like you’re clueless about your body
This program looks at you — all of you — with compassion instead of judgment.
In One Size Fits None we:
  • Examine why losing the weight matters in relation to your dreams for your body and mind.
  • Release unresolved traumas related to your health so they are no longer standing in your way.
  • Create healthy lifestyle that are easy to maintain — ones that don’t require rearranging your whole life or giving up everything you love.
My dream for you is to overcome your mental blocks and discover the power of tackling ambitious goals one step at a time. When you put your mind to this, no one can stop you.

If you‘re ready to create lasting change, join me in

One Size Fits None!

Next Session Starts May 8th, 2023

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Imagine Your Life A Year From Now…

Will you still be researching weight loss programs and wishing you could enjoy the holidays without shame? Or … will you be healthier with more energy, keeping up with your family, and feeling incredible in your body.

People struggle to commit to a health program for one of three reasons: time, money, or fear.
One Size Fits None doesn’t require counting calories or spending two hours at the gym. Instead, we make quick and easy shifts to your lifestyle. They add up over time giving you the change you’re seeking without eating up all your time
As a cancer survivor, I know better than most that your health and enjoyment of life are PRICELESS. The only reason One Size Fits None is not worth the money is if you fail to participate. I’m here to support you every step of the way as long as you are willing to show up.
What if it doesn’t work? Fear is particularly daunting if you’re carrying the shame of having tried a wellness program in the past and failed. I can’t erase the awful feeling of watching your numbers climb back up after you gave up on yet another not-for-you weight loss program.

BUT… I Can

show you how to make lifestyle changes that you can live with long term. I can help you uncover — and resolve — traumas that are stuck in your body. We’ll address the underlying reasons for your unhealthy behaviors and the unwanted weight so you can finally let it go for good.
You must commit to living a healthier lifestyle if One Size Fits None is going to work. This program requires long-term dedication (far beyond 12 weeks) to yourself and your health.

Program Details

During this 12-Week Online Program You Will Receive…

  • Three one-on-one coaching calls with me
  • Weekly group calls
  • An accountability partner
  • A support community
  • An understanding of how to take small steps towards larger goals
  • Tools to implement lifestyle changes
  • Guidance through dietary changes, food plans, and physical activity
  • Encouragement and love throughout your journey
One Size Fits None is more than an ‘eat this and do that’ approach to healthy living.


Are You Ready!

Are you willing to?

  • Stop using food to cope with emotions and stress?
  • Change your eating habits?
  • Make movement part of your daily life?
  • Take time to change your lifestyle?
  • Standup to outside distractions that pull you off track?
  • Show up for yourself even on the days when it seems impossible?
  • Learn, listen, and explore as you work toward your goals?

If you said yes to all (or most) of the above…

Apply For One Size Fits None

Register by May 5th for 50% off!*

Next Session Starts on May 8th.
Private enrollment ONLY — discount does not apply to corporate enrollments.

Program Price is $1400
Register by April 14th and only pay $697.
Monthly Payment Options Available

If you‘re ready to change your health for good, join me in

One Size Fits None!

Next Session Starts May 8th, 2023

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What Clients Say:

  • "During my time in the 'One Size Fits None Program,' I lost 41 pounds. My goal was to lose 25 pounds. During the program, I had a significant death in my family, and Vonie helped me through that difficult time, and even though I was grieving, I didn’t eat my feelings! The journaling exercises had me stay honest with myself, and I became more conscious of my daily routines, actions, and activities. I became more active and got to 11,000 steps a day, and for the first time, I can look at myself in the mirror and say to myself, 'you are beautiful' inside and out. I loved the program, and it was life-changing!"
    - Collette G.
    Dallas, TX
  • "This is a lifelong learning thing for me – and I think this program may have helped me see the pattern AND the consequences even more clearly."
    - Janella R.
    Vancouver, WA
  • "… it got me thinking and doing steps to take to promote my own health and personal goals. There were lots of actions and opportunities presented to support me in those actions. The daily calls, journal prompts, articles, and homework kept the program in the front of my mind."
    - Kathleen I.
    Portland, OR
  • "I have never really journaled in my life and I like this once I got into it. It made me more objective as to why I did some of the things I have been doing. Really making me take a deeper look into why I do some habits and how I could change them. Closing night with the horses and the connection this brought to some very deep and personal issues, I was amazed."
    - Elaine S.
    Camas, WA
You Deserve to BE HAPPY! Heal Your Heart & Love Your Life! A happy heart incorporates mind, body, and spirit!

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