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Find happiness from the inside out, the greatest gift you’ll ever give yourself! Read on to learn about…

One Size Fits None!

Do you often find yourself saying, I’ll start my diet on Monday? Or perhaps you hear this voice that says, “no,” wait until the beginning of the month.

I know I’ve said it!

Maybe you’ve even said; I’m smart enough to know what to eat; why can’t I figure this out?

The good news is you can figure it out. Sometimes, we need a little nudge, a push in the direction of right-sizing the reality around weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, and feeling better.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, I’ve tried everything. I go on a diet; I lose weight, and then I gain it back. You are not alone!

Any woman who has struggled with weight loss only to feel defeated can find success in participating in my program; One Size Fits None. If discovering your inner warrior, building your confidence, losing weight, and living a healthy lifestyle is vital to your future, let’s talk and be sure One Size Fits None is a good fit for you.

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Start your healing journey today. Join by February 28, 2022, receive 50% off One Size Fits None, and begin your transformational journey on March 7, 2022.

Dig deep, she does!! I can’t explain when things really began clicking… I was doing the work…I actually went through a coffee/sugar withdrawal period. Oh man, I felt like I had a bad case of the flu & constant fatigue!! Then without realizing it, the flu-like symptoms began to fade away & eating less became my new norm. Things with sugar became too sweet & kinda gross. My taste buds were changing. My Mom has even gotten on board & has been losing some weight.

The Essence of Who YOU Are!

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether through your thoughts or spoken words, communication with yourself supports any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. By taking a more holistic approach and thinking beyond the “mindset” of the impossible, you can be more effective in right-sizing the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. This is where One Size Fits None comes in.

Integrating health, wellness, and fitness you’ll improve your body image, build confidence, feel stronger both mentally and physically, and be happier overall with your bodies. (even during this draining COVID pandemic)

This 12-week online program is not just an ‘eat this, not that’ type of program. It’s more than educational; it’s transformational!

… it got me thinking and doing steps to take to promote my own health and personal goals. There were lots of actions and opportunities presented to support me in those actions. The daily calls, journal prompts, articles, and homework kept the program in the front of my mind.

Just needed to share about my improvement on my exercises/activities! I believe I have started a new habit and I am very proud of myself for doing it! I nailed this week on exercise and eating! I hope I can encourage you.. If I can do it, you can do it! —

Well it’s Friday evening. Another week. Down 5# since the start. It feels great! I do enjoy this program. Vonie it’s really a good program. My accountability partner is so great to talk to every day. Best accountability partner ever! You inspire me, you’re always so cheerful and encouraging. Great ideas too!

What an amazing journey! Vonie digs deep and makes you think! Yes, about yourself! Best group I have been a part of. I have started a very serious journey myself to a better me. If you ever do anything for yourself, do this program! Open the doors and live!

After 30 years of teaching fitness, training private clients, and working as a personal development coach, I created One Size Fits None to help women on their weight loss journey to find Healing From The Inside Out!

Become a One Size Fits None participant today and discover first-hand how much better you’ll feel when you unleash your inner warrior and Step Off The Scale!