What Do Horses Have to Do With Weight Loss?

I get asked this all the time!

“Vonie – what do horses have to do with weight loss?” 🐴


Here’s the short answer — 💓

Recent studies conducted by the Institute of Heart-Math provide a clue to explain the two-way ′′healing′′ that occurs when we’re close to horses.

According to researchers, the heart has an electromagnetic field larger than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the heart’s energy field that radiates from 2.4 meters to 3 meters around the human body.

While this is undoubtedly significant, perhaps more impressive, the electromagnetic field projected by a horse’s heart is five times larger than that of a human being (imagine an electromagnetic sphere around the horse). It can influence straight into our own heart and reduce the heart rate.


Here’s the long answer — 💗

As I ask the questions that help you look at what is holding you back and keeping you from living the life you want, they catch the incongruencies, the self-doubt, the limiting beliefs, and the lack of trust you might have in yourself to make the shift, to dive into loving who you are.

You see, they are intuitive, and so am I!


They read you like a book, and when a 1200 lb. horse partners with me in the coaching process
they are a bonus to the Gestalt work and offer their gift of love.

They hold no judgment and no beliefs about you other than you’re a human being.

Together, we’ll meet you where you’re at and help you explore the parts of yourself holding you back. Then you’ll notice the calm that transpires, as your heart feels lighter, and your sense of well-being is lifted to a place of self-love, knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to.

The Aha moments are immense, and that’s another reason coaching with a horse is great for weight loss.

So, you don’t live close. That’s okay; if you can’t make a flight out to see us, we are available on Zoom. Yes, it really works on Zoom too.

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Three months ago, Francisco, one of my One Size Fits None program participants, didn’t even go for walks. Now he does, and he even wants to start running.

He found that his addiction to unhealthy foods and lifestyle buried him in shame.

Today, there is no shame!



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