Life Coaching With A Horse

Life Coaching With A Horse

Every time I start an Equine Gestalt Coaching session with my equine coaching partner, I feel a sense of curiosity bubble up within. Each client that we’ve met has a different story. The problems they face range from one client’s words, the most mundane, to traumatizing. Life coaching with a horse is amazingly satisfying.

My readiness to listen, my curiosity to learn about them, and my desire to be of assistance spurs me to continue in a profession that offers hope, results and healing on a different level. I could do or be anything other than a coach, but I choose to coach because it provides positive outcomes for my clients and connects to my values. And, I get to do life coaching with a horse!

Clients have told me their equine-assisted coaching sessions leave them feeling a sense of peace. As their story unfolds, the past melts away, and excitement for the future takes over. They get to leave the mundane, the hurt, the past, the disappointments, the fear, the anger, the (fill in the blank) in the arena dirt.

Connecting with a horse, connecting to self, and the relationship between two equals moves them out of their story and into their future.

Cody, my equine coaching partner, also greets our clients with curiosity. Right away, he is reading the client’s energy and listening to their inner dialogue. His interest is rewarded by the client staying in the present moment, for if they don’t, he disengages and walks away. He will stop a client in their tracks if they fabricate lies that they believe to be true. It’s fascinating to watch. His character is gentle and sometimes demanding with nudges, flicks of the tail, or he’ll pull or push on something. I’ve even seen him nudge three chairs and knock them over; with each realization, a client came to he went to the chair and pushed it over; as if to say, Done! The client was delighted to realize she’d leaped from being stuck to being free from a burden she no longer needed to carry.

Unlike us humans, horses live in the present moment and aren’t burdened with the past. They have a unique gift for hearing what’s on our minds and identifying even that we can’t understand. Our partnership, combined with the Gestalt experiences, brings so much learning for my clients, and they get to experience life coaching with a horse.