8 Strategies to Reset Your Health Post Halloween

As someone who spent her entire life working towards health and wellness only to be diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2019, you might think that I’d have the mindset of “well, if taking care of myself got me this, then why do I work so hard at it?” It also dawned on me that if I hadn’t taken such good care of myself, it could have been a lot worse, or I might not have fared so well coming out the other end of cancer treatments.

Either way, I’m here to tell the story and share what I know to be true about living a healthy lifestyle.

Halloween, although I don’t consider it a holiday but more of a celebration for those who love the traditional Halloween parties, haunted houses, and the indulgence of sugar, starts the onset of the holiday season.

As the holidays and festivities begin, many people will forgo gym workouts, less sleep, and reduced bank accounts, along with increased stress and perhaps some anxiety to go with it. Then you add the whole pandemic issues into the mix, and we have the perfect storm for increased health issues.

I’m assuming if you are one who loves the Halloween traditions, you’ve probably already purchased the costumes, accepted invitations to Halloween parties, and purchased the ridiculously expensive bags of candy.

As someone who once loved those traditions, I remember sneaking an occasional piece of candy from the kid’s trick or treat bags. Now, I head out and brave the cold with my grandkids, wishing I was indoors and out of the rain.

Thus, the reason this post is about…

8 Strategies to Reset Your Health Post Halloween

Before I dive into the strategies, don’t beat yourself up for the sweets you may have enjoyed over Halloween. This is the perfect time to do a reset and prep for the rest of the holidays.

What’s Your Why? – What is it that is driving you to stay or get healthy before the New Year?

Mindset – Reframe any negative thinking around why you can’t stay healthy during the holidays.

Set Realistic Goals – If goals aren’t set ahead of time, it will be much more challenging to stick with any sort of plan or to measure any success you might achieve.

Reduce Sugar Intake – If you tend to be someone who consumes sugar regularly, start cutting back now so you can indulge in some holiday sweet treats without adding more of it to your diet.

Daily Habit – Pick a healthy daily habit that you are willing to stick to. It could be as simple as adding another 8 ounces of water to your daily water consumption. On average, 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. If you’d like some tips for drinking more water, read my blog post H2O: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Schedule – I know that sticking to a schedule isn’t always the easiest of things to do, but it sure makes my life a lot easier when I do. Put stuff on the calendar and keep an agreement with yourself to stick to it. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Let Go – Let go of perfection and work towards progress; if you make it to the gym two days instead of three, great. You made it.

Deprivation – No one I know likes to deprive themselves of something they love or enjoy. Let me ask you this, though. What is it about that sweet treat that you really love, or do you eat it and then agonize over the thought that you ate it and just put 500 calories in your body that you didn’t need?

I’m laughing here, as I know I’ve done just that. My favorite candy was Peanut M&M’s, and you know what, every time I’ve stopped eating them for any length of time and then picked them up again, they tasted like (fill in the blank here). So, I know I have one goal for the holidays: not eat those dang Peanut M&M’s.

If you would like some more tips, check out my post from last year on 14 Practical Tips for Managing Holiday Stress.

In the meantime, enjoy your Halloween, even if it’s just getting up and down to answer the doorbell.

I’ll check back with you next week and offer another nudge towards holiday health. In the meantime, you can also connect with me here if you would like some assistance in strategizing your health.

In love and health,