What’s Your Mindset?

If you’ve been reading my blog posts recently, you may have noticed a similar theme. The title might be different, the words are organized and framed differently, but the truth is, they are all pointing in the same direction, MINDSET!

Often, I hear friends, family, and clients talk about how they want to change this or that, yet they feel stuck to do the very thing they say they want. I’ve been there myself. Why is that?


Until we change the mind and how it shows up for us, we are less likely to make the changes we want. The mind shows up with a negative comment, a limiting belief, someone else’s voice whispering you aren’t good enough, or an old story of how you failed. I get it; there were times I stayed stuck in the problem or wallowed in my loathing instead of being solution oriented.

Another thing that gets in the way is familiarity. You want to change, but the comfort zone of not changing is like putting on an old sweater that you can’t seem to part with. Perhaps it’s time to clean out the closet and try on something new.

What would that look like?

Have you ever stood in your closet at the end of one season and thought, it’s time for me to part with what I didn’t wear this year? Only, you end up taking it all out and storing it again for the next time it’s needed. Me too! Then there are those times when I go through the closet and set aside the things to give away, keep, or take to a consignment shop.

Well, think of the mindset like the clothes closet. What are you going to keep, what are you going to get rid of, and what can you negotiate on?

At first, it might be a bit scary to step into the closet of your mind; however, baby steps can help you get through the process. Pick one from the list below or others you have heard about and haven’t tried yet.

The first thing to do is decide that your personal growth is the number one priority because when the inside is strong, the outside doesn’t matter. Listed below are my recommendations for shifting the mindset.


  • Affirmations – think of affirmations as bits of positivity sprinkled throughout your day.
  • Meditation – I know I’ve written this one in so many previous posts. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a game changer.
  • Keep a gratitude journal – write down at least three things each day that you are grateful for.
  • Focus on the vision – what’s the vision you see for your future? Remember, you want to view this in a positive light. You can’t change it if you are coming from a negative place.
  • Morning Pages – each morning, write three pages of longhand writing completed first thing in the morning. Write whatever crosses your mind and lands on the pages. Don’t worry about the punctuation, grammar, etc., as these pages are for you and you only. Repeat each day.


I can hear some of you now; I know because I said it too. “And when am I going to have time for all these extra activities?” Like I said, baby steps. Pick one and start there.

If you need some more ideas or help getting started, reach out to me and connect for a free discovery call. You can schedule your discovery call here.

With Love,



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