Tips to Create a Vision and Move Your Life Forward

In 2014, I entered the Touched by a Horse Program to become an Equine Gestalt Coach, so I could partner with horses to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Two years later, I graduated from the program and opened my business, ‘A Tail of New Beginnings.’ But, when Covid hit, I had to do something different, so my dreams of coaching others and owning my own business wouldn’t die.

As you know, time stands still for no one; there is no catching up and if you want something—visualizing, planning, and taking action steps towards your goals provides the best outcome. Otherwise, you leave things to chance, and you’ll get whatever life throws at you.

I wasn’t about to throw my dreams away, so I rebranded to Vonie Kalich Coaching and created my online signature program, One Size Fits None.

You see, I had a vision, then Covid changed it, so I changed the vision and kept at it until it came to fruition, so I know that you can take what seems impossible and create that which you want to achieve.

I tell you this story because if you’ve ever thought you’ll never achieve your (fill in the blank goal), please don’t give up, or you might miss out on what’s possible.

If you stop believing in yourself and think you can’t achieve what you want, you’ll surely make that your reality.

The time to act for what you want is NOW, not later—remember, time stands still for no one.

Kobi Yamada, a New York Times best-selling author, said, ‘follow your dreams, they know the way.” And do they! 

Visualization, the easy part, gives you the freedom to create and the power to make your life truly amazing.

Tips to Create Your Vision —

Patience — Sometimes patience is hard, but if you continue to believe in yourself and the ideas of what you created in the vision, you’ll find success.

Persistence — Sometimes, dreams and goals can seem to take forever. Check in with yourself and find out if you are swimming upstream or downstream? If you are swimming upstream, perhaps let go of any attachments you might have of what the process should look like and trust that if you let go, you can go with the current.

Action — You must put action steps to the visualization, for without the action steps, the dream will have no opportunity to grow and become a reality.

Journey — Even when you get to what you think is the destination of your dreams and goals; the journey won’t stop there. Before you know it, you’ll start visualizing what else you can achieve.

Gratitude — Give thanks for the journey. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and understand more of what you want and do not want in your life.

Lastly, speak your dreams and goals out loud. Write them down and read them every day. Then, create a vision board or box and look at it each day. Because each day is a new day, a new beginning, and a new opportunity to achieve your heart’s desire.

Okay, one last thing.

Armed with the knowledge that actions move us forward and can change tomorrow’s results, let’s spend the day creating your vision with a workshop.

WORKSHOP — Vision: Inspire Your Life Forward

• When: Saturday, May 7
• Time: 10:00 am to 2:30 pm
• Cost: $59
• Where: Portland, Oregon, or via Zoom
• Supplies: A supply list will be sent once you’ve registered.

I’ll help guide you through the creative processes of creating a vision board or vision box because you are worth your dreams and goals.

Here’s a link to register for the event.

I hope to see you there or on Zoom.

In love and health,