Let’s Make A Deal

Do you remember the show, ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ with Monty Hall? If you do, then you’re probably in my age bracket.

The show first appeared on TV in 1963. Monty Hall, one of the creators, producers, and the host for nearly 30 years brought great opportunities to the studio contestants, known as a “trader.”

The “trader” would have the option to select between curtain numbers 1, 2, or 3. They could then keep the item behind their chosen curtain, or as a “trader,” make deals with Monty and trade for another curtain in the hopes of getting something of greater value. Unfortunately, there was also the potential to receive what was called a “zonk,” an item that would be of lesser value.

The show was fun and light-hearted and brought lots of humor to the audience and those watching from their living rooms.

I got to thinking about this show a while back when I had some decisions to make over different opportunities. Which one would I pick? Would number two hold the greater value over curtain number one, or would it be a zonk? Or maybe number three would be the better choice.

The difference for us, of course, is that we generally have a bit more information about what is actually behind the curtain of our choices. The biggest unknown is what the long-term impact of that choice will have on our future. And it’s fear of the unknown that can keep us making the same choices over and over again, wanting things to be different, yet afraid to make a different choice. I can tell you that I’m glad that I picked the opportunity (curtain) that I did. Trading would have been an option, but I held to my intuition and the confidence I felt in my choice. I know that in time, the rewards from the choice will be great. I’ll keep you posted.

On a side note, It occurred to me that we all live this moment of choice every day. Each morning before we even get out of bed, we are faced with different curtains. One of those curtains holds excitement and confidence for the day and what it can bring. Another curtain could be an upgrade with a prize item we’ve been holding out for, or it could be hiding negative emotions from the past or fear of the future. Either way, we get to choose which curtain you want to open.

Which curtain will you choose tomorrow?

If your choices have been revealing more ‘zonks’ than ‘delightful surprises,’ reach out to me; I’m here and able to offer support in opening a different curtain.

In Love and health,



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