Be The Master of Your Own Narration

During a Zoom call with my current One Size Fits None group, one of the participants, when asked what a takeaway would be from the call, he stated, protecting my thoughts. I love his comments because he continuously gives me inspiration for new blog post ideas.


It is said that where your attention goes, your energy flows, and boy, is that true.


I know from experience that if I get my mind going towards something unworthy of my attention, I can find myself in a downward spiral of poor me. Sitting on that pity pot isn’t fun, so I don’t recommend it.

When negative thoughts take hold, they can leave you feeling sad, unworthy, rejected, etc., as the mind can be a harsh critic. Unfortunately, we usually blame ourselves when the inner critic starts to poke at us.


However, you can change the harsh inner critic to one that is loving and kind. It does take a willingness to change and effort to see it through.

Replace Negative Thoughts!


Here are some steps you can take to protect your thoughts and be the master of your own narration.

Before Bed — You can set the next day up by what you do the night before, so create a positive bedtime routine. For example, read a good book or journal, listen to music you love, meditate, and avoid social media and the news.

Morning Routine — Avoid the negative thinking that it’s time to get up, hate my life, hope I have a better day today, etc. Avoid the phone and emails. Instead, spend a few minutes in meditation, journal, listen to positive podcasts, YouTube, go to the gym, listen to favorite music while getting ready for work and stay in the present moment.

During the Day — Set an intention to stay present with your thoughts. Let go of the past, and not worry about tomorrow. If you find yourself slipping from the present and diving into the past or worrying about what tomorrow may or may not bring, find something you can redirect your attention towards.

Here’s an example — Cody, my horse, might spook at something. His attention has been taken off me and onto something he perceives as scary. So, I distract him by moving his feet—circling him, backing him up, or doing other things to get his focus off the scary object.


Find an object you can touch, smell, or look at that will help pull you out of your negative thoughts and back to the present moment or, like Cody, move your feet. Movement is a great way to distract yourself.

If we are being mindful, we, humans, can do that for ourselves!


This picture gives you some other ideas!

I know that it is not always easy. I get that! Lord knows I’ve had my moments too of living in the past and worrying about the future.


Here’s a great quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza, a New York Times bestselling author.


“If you are truly in the business of change or creating your life, that’s a big responsibility, right? So if something happens to you, you can’t blame anybody because of that — it’s your responsibility to take care of you, right? So then the fundamental question is, … ‘At what point [did] I stop believing that I create my life?’”


Dr. Joe is a favorite of mine, and I highly recommend you click on this link and listen to Dr. Joe talk about How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind. The video is worth the 33 minutes.


Be the Master,



P.S. If you or someone you know could use some help with protecting your thoughts, book a complimentary call so we can chat about how I can help you Be the Master of Your Own Thoughts.