A War Between Body, Mind, and Spirit

The day I started to write this blog post, it was with shaky hands and feeling as if I had just left a battlefield.

The battle began when Melisa Pierce, my Equine Gestalt teacher and mentor, took me through a Gestalt coaching session where I landed smack dab in the middle of a battlefield between my mind and body.

Spirit wasn’t addressed during the session, but, oh, she was present and watching the scene unfold.

There I sat with three parts of self out of kilter.

When the session started, I proposed to Melisa that I wanted a clean slate. We talked a bit about what that meant to me and how I felt some stories from my past had impacted my health.

Years of teaching fitness, I was looked upon as the poster girl for a healthy lifestyle.

Yet, my body had let me down two times in my life and with two major illnesses.

What the f*%k, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

I sat in one chair, having a conversation with my body while my mind looked on. Then Melisa guided me through a dialogue between mind and body. Through the Gestalt, the realizations and aha moments arrived like a slap on the forehead.

Whispers –

The experience shifts. I’m now sitting in a different chair; I hear the whispers from ‘what if’ in one ear and the ‘people pleaser’ in the other. They are both holding me hostage and not allowing me to let go of parts of my past or with people that no longer deserve my attention or family relationships that are unhealthy in their current state.

The scene has brought me to tears. I’m shaking, and I want to run. I want to run because running is easier than what I was sitting with. However, I stay put. I know that if I don’t let this sink in, the whispers will continue, and my spirit will die of the sadness that had been its shadow of late.

All too often in my life, partly due to my nature, I’ve been a people pleaser. I hang on to ‘what ifs’ for people I’ve loved and who have hurt me—always wanting to believe the best in them. That they will somehow be different, change their minds, show me another side of themselves only to feel rejected or disappointed with each ‘what if.’

Asking Melisa to help me create a clean slate opened me up.

My mind has a new perspective, and a doorway to healing some old wounds has opened. My body never did let me down, but my mind had.

With no shame or blame, I walked away from that session, ready to face some of life’s challenges without the whispers.

Do you have whispers?

They don’t have to be ‘what ifs’ or ‘people pleasers.’

It could be the whispers that tell you; you’re not good enough, brave enough, bold enough, or worthy enough to have what you want in life.

The truth is, we all have whispers. Maybe even a war between body, mind, and spirit.

Once we realize that, it becomes a matter of how long we want to keep listening. Or maybe there is a battlefield that needs to find peace of mind.

If you would like some help getting rid of the whispers, I’m here to guide you through a conversation with the various parts of self or to have that aha moment that slaps you in the forehead and realize that you are worthy of waving the white flag on the battlefield and find the peace within you.


In love and health,


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