7 Benefits You’ll Receive When You Commune With Nature

When I retired from running, I took up cycling, which I love. However, it wasn’t quite warm enough for an early morning ride, so I chose to walk instead and I really needed some time to commune with nature and receive its healing benefits.

I’m glad I did, as I was reminded of how wonderful it is to connect with the beautiful area I live in. It is filled with massive trees and sweeping lawns and is rich with history. The joy this historical area brings to my soul when I walk along the trails and sidewalks is well worth the time it takes to walk versus ride my bike.

So, what prompted me to write about this topic today was the article I wrote a couple of weeks back about Noise Pollution and how we can find quiet amongst the noise of life.

If you don’t have the time to read the email, do take the time to watch the YouTube video How To FIND SILENCE in A World Full of Noise. It’s well worth watching.

Nature is always ready to heal and teach us – here are 7 benefits you’ll receive when you commune with nature —

  • When you commune with nature, you’ll find a sense of peace, as nature is excellent at soothing and healing that which is aching, whether it’s in the mind or the body.
  • Nature elevates your mood by reducing anger, fear, and stress, and if you spend enough time in nature, your blood pressure decreases, and your heart rate lowers.
  • The overactive mind can find some respite from nature, as it tends to bring us to the present moment and increases our ability to pay attention to details.
  • Spending too much time in front of your TV, computer, iPad, or other devices tends to disconnect us from each other and create depression versus a sense of community. So, once again, nature can help us, as it brings a sense of connection to our awareness.
  • As a person spends more time outdoors, they become more active and burn more calories than sitting on the couch, so if you want to lose weight, get outdoors and into nature.
  • Your immune system loves being out in nature as it increases your white blood cell count. Yep, it does.
  • You’ll sleep better too!

If this short email hasn’t convinced you to get outdoors and into nature, schedule a call, and let’s chat about what’s stopping you and get you motivated to gain all the above benefits.

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