Weathering The Storm - Tips to Keep You Moving Forward

April 29, 2022

In early March of 2020, when I first read some of the news about Covid and before the notice to Shelter in Place happened, I remember thinking how we could all be living with uncertainty if what I was reading were true. But, I have to admit that I was also burned out and thinking how nice it would be to have a couple of weeks off from teaching at the Pilates studio where I work part-time.

Because I had started working at that studio just as I was entering the radiation phase of cancer treatments, I went from sick to almost dying to teaching 27 hours a week while still in treatment, so I was due for a break.

As the story goes, I got two weeks off and then some. As the Pandemic progressed, most of the world and I were living with uncertainty in massive proportions and fearful of Covid and how our lives and our loved ones were being impacted.

Although that was a difficult time, I weathered the storm.

As the Pandemic comes to an end, a war rages in Ukraine, and fuel and groceries prices, along with everything else, have skyrocketed. Even the cost of horse board has risen with the increase in hay prices.

Then the other day, while a group of us were discussing world affairs, it was suggested that "with the cost of board, perhaps we should think about selling our horses to relieve some of the financial burdens." I asked her back, "how would you feel about selling your dog or your children? I'll stick it out and weather the storm along with everyone else, but thanks for your input." That person doesn't know horse owners or me very well.

In a world filled with uncertainty, the point of this story is that today, even with a war, increasing prices, and before we could ever take a full breath from Covid, I feel like the world is back in that place of uncertainty and fear. I'm not sure we've ever left it. Yet, despite the uncertainty and fear still lurking, we can do something about it.

Here's what I've been doing. Perhaps it will help you too.

Gratitude – Each day, when I wake up, and before I climb into bed at night, I say aloud what I'm grateful for. I'm also writing it in my journal.

Seeing – I'm seeing what is in front of me and reflecting on what I can or cannot change about the situation. I can't fix everything, but I can examine what's in front of me with a different lens by not blaming myself or anyone else. Instead, I'm letting compassion guide me as I would for any three-year-old child. By letting go of blame and separating of what's in the past or in front of me—I win!

Blessing – Knowing that there is a greater purpose beyond what I see is also helping me push through the storm. I have this amazingly old oak tree outside my front door that each year sheds giant leaves that are 12 to 14 inches in size; as it sheds its leaves and goes dormant for the winter, I reflect on what I, too, can shed. Now the branches are filled with buds, and I wonder what blessings will be bestowed upon me as spring progresses, and the buds turn to leaves. I must also mention the very old Camellia tree outside my back door filled with flowers. It does make me sad when the flowers start to fade and leave the branches, as it's gorgeous, but I know that they will always return. So, each morning as I step out the door, I bless the landscape I see before me, my body for surviving cancer, and even the tears that I've shed this past year.

Coaching – This month, Cody and I coached two teen girls. Both were dealing with different issues related to the Pandemic. Next week I will be coaching a young woman whose fiancé overheard me talking with someone else about my equine coaching.


As an Equine Coach, Cody plays a vital role in that part of my coaching business, as we've helped many get through some tough times in life. So selling him would not only rip my heart out, but it wouldn't allow me to help all those that have stepped into the arena with us and left their troubles on the arena floor.

Yes, as a life coach, I coach over the phone and zoom too, but everyone that's stepped into that arena with us knows the profound experience they've had getting coached alongside a 1200-pound animal who doesn't hold any judgment.

So, I'm weathering the storm and am not going to let fear win or any self-doubt win.

Here are a couple more tools that might help you get through tough times —

Move Your Body – Movement shifts energy. If you feel down, fearful, or anxious, take a walk, go for a run, ride a bike, stand up and shake yourself about, sing, start laughing until you can't stop, or even scream in a pillow. Either way, you'll feel better.

Get Out in Nature – Research has proven nature to be healing as it can improve health and reduce stress hormones. It's good for the soul.

Set an Intention – Set your intention for staying in the present moment because the now is damned good if we use the tools above.
Psychologist Elisha Goldstein, author of The Now Effect: "Our intention is at the root of why we do anything and plays a fundamental role in helping us cultivate a life of happiness or unhappiness. If we set an intention for wellbeing and place it at the center of our life, we are more likely to be guided toward it."

If you'd like some more ideas on how to weather the storm of life's current affairs, head on to an old blog post, Calm Confidence in Uncertain Times.

Also, drop me an email and let me know how you're doing and know that I'm here when you should ever want to talk or meet Cody.

In love and health,

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