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You are more than a number on a scale! 12-weeks to right-size your reality because one-size really doesn’t fit all.


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What Clients Say:

“… it got me thinking and doing steps to take to promote my own health and personal goals. There were lots of actions and opportunities presented to support me in those actions. The daily calls, journal prompts, articles, and homework kept the program in the front of my mind.”

“I have never really journaled in my life and I like this once I got into it. It made me more objective as to why I did some of the things I have been doing. Really making me take a deeper look into why I do some habits and how I could change them. Closing night with the horses and the connection this brought to some very deep and personal issues, I was amazed.”

“This is a lifelong learning thing for me – and I think this program may have helped me see the pattern AND the consequences even more clearly.”

“Vonie is a very caring compassionate coach. She gently helped me through a dark time in my life. If you are considering a coach, I highly recommend her.”

“Vonie, I am so impressed with the direction you are headed with your life. Having known you since we were young teenagers, I’ve been witness to the many different paths you have faced. Now, even the way you express yourself is with an excitement that’s infectious and I want to know what it is — I want what you’re having! Best wishes and blessings to you my dear friend.”

“Vonie, you are an amazing, dynamic woman whose life experiences and coaching instincts are going to benefit so many. I am inspired by your drive and determination, and believe you and Cody will be an awesome coaching partnership – big love to you both!”

How A Life Coach Helps You

A certified life coach can help you on your journey of self-discovery while uncovering a new and better you. Life coaching with or without a horse helps you develop skills that lead to self-empowerment. In combination with traditional therapeutic treatments, life coaching with a horse as a partner can complement more traditional approaches to self-improvement while creating a better work-life balance. Working with a certified life coach might be just the thing you need to live your best life.

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