Workshops equal fun!

Ready to have some fun?

Journey with other women to discover new possibilities, achieve personal growth and transformation, and leave feeling empowered. Of course, what would a workshop be without having some fun, meeting new people, and making new friends?

Maybe you’ve fallen off the habit train and want to get back on or just get started.


Maybe you’re excited about moving your future forward with some vision boarding.

Depending on the workshop, horses may or may not be present. However, they do make workshops even more fun.

A Testimonial

Vonie is an amazing coach and group facilitator. She is a master of asking the right questions to get you digging deep, examining old programs and releasing what no longer serves you.

If you feel overwhelmed or are lacking a clear path to you transform dreams into goals, Vonie offers practical guidance, strategies, and accountability.

Ready to stop dragging your feet and step into authenticity and purpose? If so I definitely recommend attending an event or scheduling a coaching session.

Her “Look Back/Look Forward reflection & manifestation collage workshop was AWESOME! I have attended 2 years in a row and learned a lot about myself and left feeling inspired & motivated both times!

~ Jen B. Vancouver, WA

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I look forward to working with you and helping you get started with some new habits, create your vision and transform your future.

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