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The Practice of Good Health Equals Success

Maybe your health isn’t what you want it to be. Perhaps you’ve vowed to go on a diet time and time again only to sabotage your efforts. Or, maybe you keep finding yourself skipping those workouts and plan to do better next week. Before you know it, it’s next month or even worse, six months […]

Three Keys to Better Health

William Shakespeare was quoted to say, “Our Bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.” When I read that quote, I paused and let the words sink in. As I thought about my body being a garden, I considered how many people I’ve met, myself included, who have talked negatively to themselves, and […]

Hump Day

Back in November, I wrote a post called “A War Between Body, Mind, and Spirit.” I want to play on that a little bit more this week, as I had some interesting responses to the email. One subscriber wrote back and told me that they hear too much whispering going on behind them on their […]

Horses Healing Hearts and Dissolving the Goo

Once upon a time, I understood the value of my horse as an animal I could groom, ride, spend time with, and enjoy. Other than being happy to be a horse owner, I honestly didn’t understand the significant value of my horse until I went through the Touched by a Horse program, where I began […]