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7 Benefits You’ll Receive When You Commune With Nature

When I retired from running, I took up cycling, which I love. However, it wasn’t quite warm enough for an early morning ride, so I chose to walk instead and I really needed some time to commune with nature and receive its healing benefits. I’m glad I did, as I was reminded of how wonderful […]

In a World Filled with Noise

Earlier today, I was waiting outside a local coffee shop to visit with a friend when it hit me that it was so noisy in the area. Then, as happens sometimes, the idea of a blog post hit me with a smack on the forehead. When that happens, I send myself a text so I […]

Easy Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

Last week I wrote about Sugar Addiction and mentioned that I’d write this week about ways to reduce or eliminate sugar. Some people think it is easy to give up or eliminate sugar, but… Is it REALLY EASY? Good question! It depends — how addicted are you? No matter how little or a lot you […]

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

In the United States alone, it is estimated that Americans consume 22 teaspoons of added sugar in their daily diet. On top of what they are already consuming, that equals an additional 350 calories per day. Granulated sugar, a refined (simple) carbohydrate, is 4 calories per gram, and one teaspoon equals 4 grams. The Dietary […]

Balance for Every Body

Core strength, flexibility, and posture are vital in maintaining balance and stability in our daily activities and it is ultimately essential for avoiding injury. As we enter the senior years, although some of you reading this aren’t anywhere near being a senior, it is still essential to understand the significance of how one’s fitness level […]

Gain Momentum with Reflection and Intention

We are almost three full months into 2022. Do you feel any different? Are you doing anything differently? Or is it just another day like 2021 was? If you’re like me and have a junk email folder, you’ve probably already received a bunch of New Year emails to sign up for this webinar or for […]