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Emotional Self-Care: What is it and Tips to Create More of It

Over the last four weeks, I’ve written about four of the eight different types of self-care, and I believe that emotional self-care is by far the most important one. Here’s why—because when we can manage our emotions—we can do a better job with the other types of self-care, which in turn can help us lead […]

Environmental Self-Care — Living Clean & Clutter Free

From the time I was a little kid well into adulthood, I’ve felt out of sorts when my personal environment wasn’t up to a certain standard of clean and organized. I know I’m not alone.   Studies have shown that our environment can significantly impact our mental and physical well-being.   Clutter Free – Some […]

Personal Self-Care – Listen to Your Intuition

If you’ve read my last two blog posts, you’re aware of the two different types of self-care that I’ve written about so far. The first is social self-care and some barriers that can get in the way of our self-care routines. Then last week, I wrote about physical self-care and how if unattended, it can […]

So, What Is Good Physical Self-Care

Last week, I wrote about barriers that keep people from a good self-care routine and how humans are social beings who need to integrate social self-care into their lives for greater physical and mental well-being. This week, I’m writing about physical self-care, one of the eight pillars of self-care, another component of the eight different […]

Barriers to Self-Care and Social Self-Care

If you’re an avid reader of my posts, you know I write something each week, so that you, my readers can hopefully find some nuggets of wisdom, learn some new skills, confront fears, create better health and wellness for yourself, and/or find inspiration amongst the words on the pages.   I think about you, the […]

11 Tips for Healthier Eating Habits

No matter how old you are, healthy eating is essential for maintaining good health. Unfortunately, in the United States, the food and beverage industry has made healthy eating a challenge, and with grocery prices continuing to rise, it’s become an even bigger challenge.   With high-fat foods, sugar-laden products, tempting sodas, and little exercise, the […]