A Guide To Hidden Sugars

Sugar, a prime and hidden ingredient in many processed foods and beverages, is considered as addictive as heroin or nicotine. For years research has shown sugar is responsible for many of the most serious health issues and diseases. Yet, it is readily available and consumed at astonishing rates, especially here in the United States.

When reading labels, you’ll find sugar listed as an ingredient in many foods. However, sugar comes in many forms, and without knowing what to look for, you’ll be consuming hidden sugars in a variety of foods.

For example, you’ll find many restaurant food items that include hidden sugars. Chicken wings are often precooked and breaded with sugar, fat, and salt. When they arrive at your table, they are served with a dipping sauce filled with sugar, fat, and salt.

I know it can be mind-blowing and overwhelming to think about reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet. However, awareness is the first key to doing so. You are on the right track by educating yourself on these hidden sugars.

Say goodbye to sugar using this helpful guide to break the seductive and addictive relationship sugar creates.